SHF Urban Hikes

I first saw the term “urban hiking” in November 2015 in the Guardian. I was intrigued, thinking, “What is this about; is this another hipster trend? And does it link with my interest in travelling and touring in one’s own backyard?” So I Googled and read some of the websites (see webliography below)

The name urban hiking was coined about 15/20yrs ago in the US. People wanted a hike, close to where they lived or worked, which was more than a stroll and involved some climbing. The climbing would imitate the exercise involved in hiking hills. Being close to home or work would not involve too much time travelling to the start or from the finish of the hike. A hike could be fitted in before or after work or at lunchtime.

Urban hiking is simply walking or hiking around a city or town. If you want to do a hike that ascends and descends you can – and in Sheffield unless you walk up and down the Don Valley you don’t really get much choice about climbing. Sheffield doesn’t just have hills outside it, the entire city is built on hills.

Urban hiking can start from your front door. Urban hiking can take place close to frequent and regular public transport, so you can hike somewhere and take public transport home and vice-versa. Urban hiking is likely to have shops and eateries near by so you have access to refreshments and toilets. Urban hiking can take you on a trip across parks and green spaces, along alleys and through shortcuts, to viewpoints and points of interest that you have never experienced. Think you know your town? Urban hiking can render the familiar unfamiliar.

I’ve devised some urban hikes.

  • All free at the point of use.
  • All start and finish with links to public transport – you do not need a car to get to the start or back from the finish.
  • All are plotted on a map and you can download the map to your gadget of choice.
  • The OS map is referenced on the page – mainly OS Explorer 278 NB other vendors are available.
  • If you live here then you may find adapting them easy.
  • If you’re visiting or touring then please use them to get to know the city and its neighbourhoods.

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