Sheffield Drift: Arbourthorne 8/12/2017

Drift report: This went up on my personal fb page and then, having set up a Sheffield Drifter page I shared it there

Friday 8 December 2017
Sheffield Night Drift:  Station to Arbourthorne to Canal Basin
What is it? A walk to enjoy our city our companionship and chatting through walking
Start: 6.30pm Sheffield Station meet up inside nr WH Smith.
Finish: 9pm-ish at The Dorothy Pax, Canal Basin where there is good beer, genial hosts and jovial entertainment
Distance: 4.6 miles, approx 400ft of up and down
What’s to see and do: Some of the finest views of Sheffield at night and some interesting sites and sights to talk about – see map
Who (and can I escape?): Mick is leading it, and there are plenty of connections to tram and bus routes. Drop out any time

I have mentioned starting up urban night walks in SHF
Friday night is going to be dry, clear, moonlit – and v cold but the walk shd warm us up

This is a city centre hike, it starts at the railway station and finishes at the canal basin. It involves climbing up and down stairs, hiking through green spaces, by historical and cultural points of interest and to some of the best viewpoints of the city. The route is 4.6 miles in all. If we stop to chat and sight-see then it is estimated it will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Heads up! Mostly on paved paths but there is one section across Manor Oaks Fields so ‘stout’ footwear good.
No toilets on the route (Do it during the daytime and the cafe in Norfolk Park will be open.)
Lovely on a clear night as the city sparkles beneath you.
Bring a torch if you want, Manor Oaks Fields has ambient(!) lighting.
Dress appropriately. Sheffield weather can be capricious so take a waterproof, and whatever else you may want or need, in a rucksack.