Sheffield Drifts

Unexpected travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God

A group of strollers, saunterers, wanderers, & meanderers who love to feel the urban landscape beneath their feet. Rambling through edgelands admiring factories, works and pallet yards, climbing the paved and planted ridges and tops to reveal the views, descending back through the valleys & canyons of streets, alleys and gennels made by the houses, factories, pubs and shops. And talking about our city, each other and ourselves; telling and learning stories. Poetry is in the Streets. Flaneurs and Flaneuses united.

Sheffield Drifts will take place depending on the weather and the availability of the walk leader(s).
They will be at night and in the day.
Please talk as you walk. What do you know about this place? Have you been here before? Did or do you live or work here? What does here mean to you? Did this place always look like this? If not then what has changed? or what could improve it here? Anything you think worth noting happen here? What do you think of this path or street? Do the buildings interest you? Does being here remind you of anywhere else you have been or seen? Is here interesting? Who are you walking with? Why are you on the walk? Who have you met on this walk? How did she get here? Why are they on this planet? and so on