Guided Walk Remembering Soldiers from WW1 Burngreave Cemetery (Sep 2017)

Sunday 10th Sep 2017
13.00 – 14.00
Start Burngreave Cemetery, North Chapel, S3 9DN

Booking not required (max 50 per tour)
Some walking on rough ground to graves; please wear suitable footwear.
Parking in the cemetery from Melrose Rd or on Melrose Rd

Burngreave Cemetery opened in 1861 and was the first municipal cemetery in Sheffield.
The focus of this guided walk is to visit the the war memorial, individual graves and family headstones commemorating fathers and sons who were killed in action.
It is also an opportunity to learn about the history of the cemetery and its buildings, and appreciate this “green lung” tucked away in the heart of Pitsmoor.

2017 is the centenary of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and this was the body responsible for the design of: the headstones; the war cemeteries; and the war memorials, including the Cenotaph in London, for the armies of the British Empire and subsequently the Commonwealth.

Burngreave Cemetery is one of the CWGC Cemetery and the bodies of 235 WW1 enlisted men are buried in it. There is also a small war memorial recording the names of men buried in the cemetery but have no headstone.

The individual graves in Burngreave Cemetery are of enlisted men who died in Sheffield or the UK of wounds or illness and disease.

If men were killed in action overseas then families were prompted to channel their grief by having the name(s) carved on the headstones of family graves.

(The remains of men killed in action overseas were buried overseas mostly in war cemeteries. If no identifiable remains were found, then the names of those killed in action were recorded on official war memorials.)

The walk will include talk about how the enormous task of recording and burying nigh on a million dead set challenges, raised emotions and led to the decision to treat all those died on active service equally irrespective of cause of death, race, colour, creed or rank.

It is also a chance to see inside the chapel and visit ‘Remembering Soldiers from WW1’, an exhibition about some of the soldiers of WW1 including Sheffield Pals commemorated in the cemetery.
Exhibition Sat & Sun: 1100-1500