I do a lot of walking for just getting around and for leisure & pleasure.
Mostly the pace is sauntering.
I will post about urban hiking and long distance walking.

For most of us walking is easy, its cheap and its a great way to take exercise as well as get to work, home, rest or play.
You can spend a lot of money on walking gear but you don’t have to.

  • Good boots or walking shoes and socks,
  • something waterproof and windproof,
  • a rucksack, a map and a picnic – even if you’re in town you can find a bench somewhere to have a snack

And once these things are bought they should last a while – and can be used for all sorts.

Start when the weather is good, walk to town, walk to the shops, walk round a park, join a walk or walk with a pal, talk to others who walk, and you can add things like hats and gloves as the weather changes.

Start with well-trodden paths and then when you get familiar with maps you can start to explore more.