Sheffield Drift Parkwood Springs 9/2/2018

I think eight of us with 142 yrs experience of living in Sheffield walked past St Matthews Church and down through gennels and alleys as much as we could to cross the wide river of traffic that is the inner ring road and climbed up to Pye Bank School in Pitsmoor via Brunswick Rd and Verdon St. We continued through Pistmoor behind the Bay Horse Inn and went straight up Shirecliffe Lane to Parkwood Springs and the look-out over the cliff down onto the Upper Don Valley. Then when cold enough we dropped down admisring the views of the city until we go to Rutland Rd and onto Woodfold before descending through the woods and Woodside Lane to Neepsend and the Gardener’s Rest to swap stories.

Friday Feb 9 dry and cold TONIGHT!!
Start: Barkers Pool outside Cole Bros
At: 6.30pm

Thx for the feedback and we will drift from the city centre via Pye Bank up to Parkwood Springs and then down into Neepsend to finish at The Gardener’s Rest. Great view of the Upper Don Valley and city centre. Bring torches!