Sheffield Drift Malin Bridge to Walkley via Stannington & Crookes 9 Mar 2018

Wow, steady light rain/mizzle as eight of us in various headgear incl a fur hat, a bush hat, as well as the usual hoods and beanies, and accessories incl a stylish umbrella, thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and a walk of light and shade along and over the Loxley, up to Stannington, past the tower blocks and down to the Rivelin and up to Crookes (boo! cemetery was closed denying us our highest point) for chips before we walked through an enchanted (unknown to me) quarter of Walkley and magically popped out by the Blake; there’s handy.
I felt cast in the role of an alien as we animated nightwalkers with our bobbing lights of head and hand torches disconcerted dogwalkers and drivers as we crossed roads and urban spaces before disappearing into the gloom again. ….Who ARE they?…..
Charming views of lit suburbs and quirky buildings and sites were appreciated, great stories were told, friendships built and our city stories grow. Got in at midnight.

Next Sheffield Drift: Malin Bridge to Walkley (via Stannington) 9 Mar 2018
Start: Malin Bridge tram stop
At: 6.30pm

Finish: Chips in Crookes and drinks at The Blake

This Drift follows the Loxley and then climbs up to Stannington, descends to the Rivelin before the next climb up to Crookes Cemetery and from there into Crookes (chips) and Walkley (beer). Great views of the lights in the Loxley & the Rivelin valleys, the Upper Don Valley, and the city – all with genial company!
Much of interest to walk past and view and discuss.
Some lumpy paths and much unlit so bring good torches and, if you’ve got one, a head torch!
Walking shoes or boots and dress appropriately