Apologies(!) and news of an October Saturday Drift

Apologies folks.

I haven’t updated the website for ages – personally busy
been publicising events on our Facebook page

Just to announce we have been invited by Our Favourite Places
to provide a Drift for Sheffield Modern

Sheffield Drift through Sheffield Modern
Saturday 27 October

Meet outside Victoria Hall, Norfolk St

Start 3:30pm PROMPT
Free – no need to book

In the spirit of the flâneur, Sheffield Drifter aims to bring together “strollers, saunterers, wanderers and meanderers who love to feel the urban landscape beneath their feet.”

Drifters will be taken on a route that take a critical view about urban walking for transport or leisure have been affected by modernism and its subsequent development (or corruption?).

For Sheffield Modern, the drift will follow a critical route critically admiring and discussing why modernism makes walking so difficult?

Story-sharing and conversation is encouraged.

More information, the route, and food for thought as you walk will be posted here and on the Sheffield Drifter fb page – in good time.
The drift will end no later than 5pm at Park Hill flats where there will be events and exhibitions to view.

Thanks and possible drift dates

City view from Meersbrook Park – through the mist!

Hi Folks, 14 of us met up at the station and walked on a dryish mild night through twilight, dusk and into the night through Norfolk Park, Arbourthorne, Heeley, Meersbrook, alongside Gleadless to Graves Park, returning through Norton Lees, Meersbrook Park and finishing at The Sheaf View in Heeley.
We walked and chatted getting to know each other and getting to know different layers of time and place in our city. Plenty of adrenalin and dopamine and great bonhomie.
I really really enjoyed it the Drift last Friday – good walk and great atmosphere – and great conversations and happiness at The Sheaf View.
Thx for all the suggestions for possible Drifts – I have at least three ‘possibles’ already.
I am away in May and August but if anybody wants to lead a Drift then get back to me and I can share admin permissions for the website, emails and fb.
I looked at my calendar and I have set the following dates when I can lead Drifting on a Friday night
Friday 8 June
Friday 6 July
Friday 14 Sep
Usual start time, 6.30pm, and, again, thx for all the suggestions and I will post again soon.

Anyone can join in!
Follow this website or like us on Sheffield Drifters Facebook page

Sunset on the Drift recce

Next Sheffield Drift Fri 13 April 2018 Arbourthorne/Gleadless/Graves Park/Meersbrook Park/pub

When: Friday 13 April (whoo – scary 13th)
Start: 6.30pm Sheffield Station meet at WH Smith
Arbourthorne, Gleadless, Graves Park, Meersbrook Park, pub
6 miles

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26913545
Recce: just to check it out
Fri 30th March (Good Friday) during the day.
Want to join me? email me at hello@sheffielddrifter.org.uk -Ta

Next Sheffield Drift: Malin Bridge to Walkley (via Stannington)

Start: Malin Bridge tram stop
At: 6.30pm

Finish: Chips in Crookes and drinks at The Blake

This Drift follows the Loxley and then climbs up to Stannington, descends to the Rivelin before the next climb up to Crookes Cemetery and from there into Crookes (chips) and Walkley (beer). Great views of the lights in the Loxley & the Rivelin valleys, the Upper Don Valley, and the city – all with genial company!
Much of interest to walk past and view and discuss.
Some lumpy paths and much unlit so bring good torches and, if you’ve got one, a head torch!
Walking shoes or boots and dress appropriately

Next Sheffield Drift: Feb 9 2018 Parkwood Springs

Hi Folks, coping with events and weather for dates for the next Sheffield Drift. I think my calendar has stabilised so looking at

Friday Feb 9 dry and cold TONIGHT!!
– so it will go on the 9th Wrap up warm and bring a torch!!

Start: Barkers Pool outside Cole Bros
At: 6.30pm

Thx for the feedback and we will drift from the city centre via Pye Bank up to Parkwood Springs and then down into Neepsend to finish at The Gardener’s Rest. Great view of the Upper Don Valley and city centre. Bring torches!

Sheffield Drifter website updated: what do you think?

I have been working on the website. Learning how to use wordpress and structuring the site content.
I have been working on the walks I want to post and not at all on the cycle rides.
The walks will contain urban hikes where Sheffield is the location and long distance walks where Sheffield could be a base.
I have also put a separate section for Sheffield Drifts, which will be social (if people turn up) walks to enjoy our city, our companionship, and chat.
Notice of Sheffield Drifts will go on this website, the Sheffield Drifters fb page and out via twitter on @shfdrifter

The next Sheffield Drift will probs be in Jan 2018.

Constructive criticism of the website welcome

Sheffield Night Drift 8/12/17

Friday 8 December 2017
Sheffield Night Drift:  Station to Arbourthorne to Canal Basin
What is it? A walk to enjoy our city our companionship and chatting through walking
Start: 6.30pm Sheffield Station meet up inside nr WH Smith.
Finish: 9pm-ish at The Dorothy Pax, Canal Basin where there is good beer, genial hosts and jovial entertainment
Distance: 4.6 miles, approx 400ft of up and down
What’s to see and do: Some of the finest views of Sheffield at night and some interesting sites and sights to talk about – see map
Who (and can I escape?): Mick is leading it, and there are plenty of connections to tram and bus routes. Drop out any time

I have mentioned starting up urban night walks in SHF
Friday night is going to be dry, clear, moonlit – and v cold but the walk shd warm us up

This is a city centre hike, it starts at the railway station and finishes at the canal basin . It involves climbing up and down stairs, hiking through green spaces, by historical and cultural points of interest and to some of the best viewpoints of the city. It starts and finishes at the railway station. The route is 4.6 miles in all. If we stop to chat and sightsee then it is estimated it will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Heads up! Mostly on paved paths but there is one section across Manor Oaks Fields so ‘stout’ footwear good.
No toilets on the route (Do it during the daytime and the cafe in Norfolk Park will be open.)
Lovely on a clear night as the city sparkles beneath you.
Bring a torch if you want, Manor Oaks Fields has ambient(!) lighting.
Dress appropriately. Sheffield weather can be capricious so take a waterproof, and whatever else you may want or need, in a rucksack.

Burngreave and Pitsmoor Heritage Opening Days

There will be several events for Sheffield Heritage Open Days on the weekend of Fri 8th to Sun 10th September 2017.
Pitsmoor is an old parish of Sheffield. Burngreave is a name that has been used since Victorian times to denote an administrative district and now one of the Sheffield Council’s wards. The parish and the Council ward do not completely overlap so some places are in the parish and not in the ward – and vice-versa. The parish and the ward have a signifcant history and contribution to the story and culture of Sheffield. Find out by coming along to these events.

Heritage Open Days and drifting in Sheffield

Welcome to this site.
I have set this up to store reworkings of past cycle rides
and add walks that I have done or intend to do
and musings and meanderings as I drift through town and country and life.

At the moment I don’t fully understand what I am doing with the website structure
and I will make mistakes and it may change as I go along.
The first proper post will be about Sheffield Heritage Open Days.