Next Sheffield Drift: Municipal Housing Fri 24 May 18.30 Sheffield Station tram stop

TONIGHT!!! beautiful for urban strolling! sunny coolish later on so bring something warmish

I am rehearsing a Drift for Sheffield Modern later this year, in November, pls bear with me.
2019 is the centenary of the 1919 Housing Act which stimulated large scale building of municipal housing with central Govt funds to local authorities. 60 yrs later municipal housing was was killed off by Thatcher. It’s a good story and Sheffield was a well-known part of it.
The Drift is a 5.6 mile walk from Park Hill to Hillsborough past and through sites and sights of municipal housing across the twentieth century from pre-1919 to the 1970s. Park Hill, Cromford St, Lansdowne Estate, Hanover Estate, Dorset St & Gloucester St, Broomhall Flats, Townhead & Hawley St, Edward St flats, Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe and Philadelphia/site of Kelvin Flats to finish at the Hillsborough Hotel.

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