Long Distance Walks

Long Distance Walking

What is this? For me a day’s walking is about 15 miles (I know I could go faster but I would rather saunter at about 2-3 mph average). A long distance walk is anything upwards of 30 miles so 2 days walking or more.

I have done a couple of long-distance walks in one go, for example, in 2004 I spent 4 or 5 days walking from Carlisle to Newcastle along Hadrian’s Wall and in 2017 I spent 4 days walking St Cuthbert’s Way from Melrose in the Scottish Borders in October 2017.

But over the last couple of years I have done some long-distance walking in day stages. For example, I have walked from Penistone to Hull over the last 8 months in the following day stages Penistone to Wombwell, Wombwell to Conisbrough, Conisbrough to Kirk Sandall, Kirk Sandall to Goole, Goole to Brough, Brough to Hull. Each day’s walk starts and finishes at a railway station connected to Sheffield.

I like walking a distance this way. I don’t need to book accommodation (I walk with my dog and most places won’t take dogs and the rail fares are cheaper than accommodation); I can choose to go when the weather is good (if you book a time to do a long-distance walk in one go you may get bad weather for more than a day); I can choose to go when the day’s light is long enough (eg Kirk Sandall to Goole is 16 miles so a long day is best – who knows how long you want to picnic or sight-see etc).

The Long Distance Walkers Association is a mine of information and lists most of the recognised Long Distance Walks in the UK. I joined because I was using the website so much I thought I ought to support it.

So I am going to post the long distance walks I do out of Sheffield eg Penistone to Hull, the Derwent Valley Heritage Trail, the Round Sheffield Walk, a Don Valley Way from Dunford Bridge to Goole and so on. Enjoy them – and please don’t profit from them. If you make any money out of this website then please donate it to the homeless and hungry