Fat Man on a Brompton: Sheffield to Malmo (and back) June 2017

This is a set of slides I prepared for a local CTC meeting
They are the ‘bones’ of the story of my solo Brompton tour from Sheffield to Malmo (and back) in June 2017
When I get more time I will add more photos.
This was one of the most enjoyable holidays I have ever been on.
It felt adventurous, the bike had no mechanical breakdowns, the weather was good, and this corner of W Europe is well appointed so cycling infrastructure and accommodation is to a high standard.
I met some fabulous people and also it gave me the chance to meet up with my friend Thomas who lives in Lund north of Malmo.

So the audience for the slides are people who are likely to take cycling holidays and would like to know stuff like routes, what did you take, where did you stay and so on.
So I have put all this in the slides and at the talk I’ll just use the photos as a cue to illustrate the joy and value of leisurely touring on a Brompton.
Questions? Ask away!