Unexpected travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God

Sheffield Drifters are strollers, saunterers, wanderers, & meanderers who love to feel the urban landscape beneath our feet.
Rambling through edgelands admiring factories, works and pallet yards, climbing the paved and planted ridges and tops to reveal the views, descending back through the valleys & canyons of streets, alleys and gennels made by the houses, factories, pubs and shops.
And talking about our city, each other and ourselves; telling and learning stories.
Poetry is in the Streets.
Flaneurs and Flaneuses united.

This site has grown out of Sheffield FridayNightRide

Because of FridayNightRide I have become a tourist in my own backyard of Sheffield.
For me, any journey in Sheffield is now a trip, an adventure, an expedition, whether it is on foot, on public transport or by bike.
(I drive a camper van but I am not fond of urban driving).

I have borrowed the idea of drifting around the city, whether with purpose or not, and uncovering surprises and meanings through drifting across and through the cityscape.

I’m going to carry on with the bike rides but not necessarily on a Friday night. I would like to do some city walks as well – and not always at night. And I want to point out curious stuff that is in the city so others can see it for themselves. I’ll put info up on this website.

And I welcome stuff being pointed out to me. Please contact me via our fb page
or googlegroup
or email hello@sheffielddrifter.org.uk