Next Sheffield Drift: Municipal Housing II Fri 14 June 18.30 Devonshire Green

Broomhall Flats 1980s (c) Tony Allwright

Hi Folks, Weather forecasts for Fri evening predict … probs, sunny spells, coolish, maybe a light shower and I am willing to walk in that and, if you would too, I wd be delighted with yr company as I wander (with purpose) through the remnants of municipal housing in Sheffield city centre chuntering about housing for all of us from the 1890s to 1980s.

Next Drift Fri Jun 14 we will finish the Municipal Housing Drift from Fri May 24th by starting at Devonshire Green (6.30pm) to explore the site of the 60s Broomhall Flats, before we ascend to the 1900’s Townhead St and then the 1930s/40s Edward St flats. From there we take the pass under Netherthorpe Rd and stroll through the Netherthorpe and Upperthorpe Estates and finally try to imagine the site of Kelvin Flats on Infirmary Rd before we finish in the Hillsborough Hotel.