Next Sheffield Drift: Platform727x7

Fri 15 Feb 2019, 6.30pm, Platform 7, SHF station

Singles Night – 7DJs each play seven (7×7) 7″singles for the delight of all

A Drift which will start on Platform 7 at SHF station and we walk 7km to the Bay Horse Inn in Pitsmoor crossing 7 bridges around Park Square, walking past 7 hotels and across another 7 bridges across the Don, passing 7 pubs and a 7th Day Adventist Church to finish at Singles Night (7X7) where 7 DJs each bring seven 7″ singles to play for the entertainment of all. And it is the 1st (or 7/7) birthday of 7×7
There is dancing and drinking.
That is 7 ‘seven’s on the walk to match the 7×7 at the pub.

Map below

Next Sheffield Drift: S727X7 Fri 15 Feb

Singles Night: 7DJs each play seven 7″ singles (7X7)- to the delight of the crowd

This is a Drift on the theme of “7”. It will start in S7 and we will walk 7km to the Bay Horse Inn in Pitsmoor to finish at Singles Night (7X7) where 7 DJs each bring seven 7″ singles to play for the entertainment of all.
There is dancing and drinking.
I’m working on the route but we will deffo walk over 7 bridges and pass a Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Any more “sevens” we cd do? (nb soz, haven’t got time for drinks in 7 pubs)

Start 6.30pm, place tbd – more news soon.
On facebook? then get “interested” here

Parkgate to Meadowhall

Hi Folks, after an entertaining tram-train ride from Cathedral to Parkage at least 12 of us drifted on Friday night along the Navigation from Parkgate to Meadowhall and those photos of the underside of the magnificent Tinsley Viaduct show the beauty of edgelands.
We all walked on to the The Wentworth Hotel in the shadow of Forgemasters – which was shut! Boo! So we made our separate ways back from there.
Five of us walked back to the Bay Horse Inn in Pitsmoor for a final pint – which was a total of 6 or 9 miles depending on which Garmin watch one was wearing. (According to Ride with GPS its 8.39 miles – see map below)

(thx Dave for the photo)

Next Sheffield Drift: Parkgate to Meadowhall South Fri 11 January 2018

Drifters will catch the 18:27 tram-train to Parkgate Rotherham. We arrive just before 7pm and set off down the Sheffield Canal & Navigation towards the centre of Rotherham and on to all points east and get on a tram-train back at Meadowhall South (or Arena) and finish back at Cathedral. Many points of interest eg. Swans at the garden centre, Rotherham; Old Wharves at Rotherham central; The Chapel of Our Lady on the Bridge, River Don, Bridge St, Rotherham; Rotherham Central tram-train Station; Centenary Park; Blackburn meadows nature reserve; Magna; Jordan weir and fish pass; Sewage works and biomass power station; Tinsley viaduct.

Bring torches, dress appropriately.

Map below

nb the route marked goes as far Pitsmoor which is where some of us stopped walking. You can follow the route to near Meadowhall South – its only about 4.5 miles South